Advantageous [50 New-Old Movies for the 51st Year #7]

Not long ago, I turned 50 years old!  And to add to all the real life goals and challenges that that brings, I’ve created at least one as it relates to movies and this blog–watch a film I’ve never seen before which cam out in each year of my life (thus the “Old-New” terminology), and then write a bit about it.  This is Post #7.  Spoilers ahead.  

Advantageous a

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Weekly Geeky Question #4 – The Best of Community

Every week in 2018, the plan is that my friend Rod is going to ask me some geeky question that will answer in a post. This week is Week #4, and Rod’s question is a simple one, related to a TV series that he introduced me to.

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Community – Social Psychology [1.4]

Jeff and Shirley find they are bonding over gossiping about people, especially about Britta’s new, super-laid back boyfriend Vaughn.  Annie tricks invites Abed and Troy to be part of a social psychology experiment, but freaks out when Abed fails to behave as expected.  Meanwhile, Pierce buys an “ear-nocular” allowing him to listen to other people’s conversations.  Vaughn breaks up with Britta after he realizes that she shared his love poem to Jeff, who shared it with Shirley, who shared it with the rest of the group.  Jeff and Shirley agree to stop gossiping together. Continue reading Community – Social Psychology [1.4]

Community – Spanish 101 [1.2]

When the group is paired up for a project by their Spanish teacher, Senor Chang, Jeff attempts to partner with Britta but winds up with Pierce instead.  This leads to a falling out between them when Jeff tires of Pierce’s extreme approach to the assignment.  But later, Jeff feels sorry for Pierce and participates in an elaborate performance in class with him–a selfless act, even though it earns him a failing grade.  Meanwhile, Britta inspires Shirley and Annie to become activists for a political cause, which eventually makes Britta realize that she hasn’t achieved much in her life. Continue reading Community – Spanish 101 [1.2]