47 Movie Blogs #8 – Thirteen Best Star Trek Movies

The title is a bit of a joke, of course.  There are only 13 Star Trek films.  At least, if you only count the official films produced by the rights-holders, and not fan works.  Then there’s lots more.

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Star Trek Beyond [Take My House and Make it Fly]

When I saw Star Trek Into Darkness a few years ago, I came away feeling that it was an enjoyable and entertaining adventure that was good fun to watch.  I haven’t seen it since, so I can neither confirm nor deny my initial impression, but if the internet (and my friend Rod) are to be believed, I was actually wrong.  Was I?  I don’t know.  I’d have to watch it again.

In the meantime, Star Trek Beyond is now out, directed by Justin Lin and co-written by co-star Simon Pegg.  If similar voices on the internet argue that it’s a bad movie because it feels like an episode of a TV show and because Chris Pine rides a motorcycle.

Star Trek Beyond

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Community – Introduction to Statistics [1.7]

Around Halloween, Jeff begins to pursue one of his teachers romantically.  This causes Shirley to target the teacher for mean-spirited revenge on behalf of Britta, who is not offended.  Shirley realizes that she is doing this because in truth she is upset about her ex-husband moving on with a new girlfriend.  At Annie’s party, Pierce takes some illicit drugs and freaks out, causing Jeff to give up an opportunity to be with his teacher in order to help him.  Jeff helps Pierce settle down, but they are almost crushed by some falling desks before they are rescued by Batman (Abed in costume).  Continue reading Community – Introduction to Statistics [1.7]