Jughead, vol. 1 (thanks, library!)

Libraries are awesome places.  Books, movies, comics…for free.  Growing up, we didn’t really have a lot of comics in the library (although I did discover a “best of” Batman collection once, and some Peanuts books), but now that hard cover and paper collections of comics are the norm, it’s much more common. I’ve discovered a lot of good stuff at the library over the years, including Bone, Future Foundation, New York FourAnimal Crackers and more.

But I’ve also pretty much exhausted my library at home (Perth), rarely is there something new that I’m interested in.  Fortunately, I’m currently on holidays in Adelaide with my in-laws, and it turns out their local library has a completely different collection of comics to browse through, including…

Jughead, vol. 1, by Chip Zdarksy and Erica Henderson.

Reading Jughead

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