101 Movies That I Love the Most – Part Two [75-51]

So lately I made a Youtube video, for the first time (I’ve made films before, and put them on Youtube, but I never made a video specifically to just say stuff on Youtube) in which I share my 101 Films That I Love the Most. You can see the video and read all about it here.

Return of the Jedi a

In addition to making this video, I thought I’d also share it in writing—for easy reference in case you or I don’t feel like listening to me talk about this over 40 minutes of real time.

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Box Office Blockbuster Tourney: Round Four

So as explained before, we are playing a seeded tournament-style elimination game amongst each of the US domestic box office champion movies from the last 32 years.  Seeding was done via Rotten Tomatoes scores, with ties broken with Metacritic scores.  Three of our six judges will vote on each match-up of two films, with the winner advancing to the next round and the loser skulking off into obscurity, until we have our overall Champion!

The Avengers.jpg

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Justice League

It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of going to see a big budget Justice League would have seemed like utter nonsense.  But now we live in that word, where the number of superhero films that we have all seen is growing exponentially, and they aren’t just about Superman or Batman, but now Superman and Batman.  And their friends.  Continue reading Justice League