100 Years, 100 Creators – Part 3

Over a few posts, I’m choosing different creators or creative teams–novelist, composer, scriptwriter, comic book artist, etc–who have influenced or inspired me, and in most cases brought me a lot of enjoyment.

Rear Window

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Favorite Fictional Heroes Countdown–Part 9 (#20-11)

And the countdown to my favorite fictional hero continues.  In today’s post, we have 10 characters who for the third time are all male, although three of them are not human beings.  Another two were born on earth, but mostly work in outer space.


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Weekly Geeky Question #12: Influential Comic Book Creators

Every week in 2018, the plan is that my friend Rod is going to ask me some geeky question that will answer in a post. This week is Week #12, and this week’s questions is…

Who are the comic book writers and artists who have had the greatest influence upon me?

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The American Comic Book Haul

As mentioned in this post about movies on a plane, I recently visited my ancestral home in the United States (ancestral in the sense that my parents still live there) where I had all sorts of opportunities to visit old friends, eat abundant food portions, and generally do Many Fun Things.

Amongst those Many Fun Things were the chance to benefit from one of the Great Things About America, and that’s that it’s possible to find pretty cheap deals on comic books.  This is something that is traditionally nearly impossible to find where I live in Australia, just like peanut butter candy (though that is finally changing).

So I pulled in a bunch of cool stuff, thanks to the discount prices at Amazon.com, crossing over bonus threshold at Midtown Comics in New York City, and an unexpected sale on DC Comics graphic novels at Barnes & Noble.

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Culling the Comic Collection / Batman Stories You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

I’ve only recently returned from a trip to New York, which meant that I’ve been spending time with my parents, visiting friends, stomping around the old stomping grounds (always stomping this way and that, waking up the neighbors with all that noisy stomping) and of course…

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Martian Manhunter: Son of Mars

I find it harder to find comics that I want to read than I used to.  I’ve basically dropped reading any new monthly titles, ever since DC cancelled The Legion of Super-Heroes and Francis Manapul left The Flash.  And when I scan the solicitations for new trade-paperbacks or collections that come out each month, I find less and less that grabs my attention. Continue reading Martian Manhunter: Son of Mars