Meglos [Classic Doctor Who]

Doctor Who has long been my favorite show, but there was a long period where I hadn’t revisited old episodes in any focused way. Lately, I’ve been going back through the show, often with one or both of my two nerdier daughters, but not necessarily systematically. Rather, I’ve enjoyed picking out stories from different eras of the program and watching them as the mood strikes.

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Doctor Who – 1980 – All the Years

Doctor Who – All The Years is a quick examination of what was happening in the world of Doctor Who over all its years of existence. I’m not attempting to create a thorough history–just brief look back at the real-life timeline of my favorite TV show. Go back to the beginning and read about 1963 here.

(Daily Doctor Who #259)

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Robin of Sherwood–the Doctor Who connections

Yesterday I wrote about meeting a few actors (John Abineri, Mark Ryan, Jeremy Bulloch) from Robin of Sherwood at a convention, some of whom had also appeared on Doctor Who. It got me wondering about how many actors and main production team personnel the two series have in common.

(Daily Doctor Who #146)

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