Quantum Leap – The Last Gunfighter [4.14]

Sam leaps into Tyler Means, an 82 year old former gunfighter who gets by through tales of his famous exploits, especially the story of a notable gunfight. However, he is suddenly confronted by Pat Knight, a man from Tyler’s past, who claims to be the real gunfighting skill behind Tyler’s legend, and is out for revenge for the way that Tyler has dishonored him through his stories. Sam finds himself having to face a real gunfighter in a genuine shoot-out on a dusty Western street.

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Quantum Leap – The Wrong Stuff [4.7]

Sam leaps into Bobo, a chimpanzee training for the space program in 1961. Sam struggles at both being a chimp and an astronaut-in-training, while he attempts to prevent Bobo’s death at the hands of a scientist doing questionable work about the effectiveness of human crash helmets. In the end, Sam is able to save both Bobo and another chimp, and helping the scientist to have a change in heart.

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Quantum Leap – Play Ball [4.2]

Sam leaps into Lester “Doc” Fuller, a minor league baseball player already well into his career. Al believes that Sam is there to help Doc get into the major leagues by impressing a scout at an important game, but this will mean betraying Chucky Myerwich, an angry young player that Sam has befriended. Over Al’s objections, Sam does what he can to help Chucky improve his future, both by letting him pitch the critical game and helping him restore his relationship with his father. Sam is ultimately able to help both Chucky and Doc to a better future by trusting his instincts.

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Quantum Leap – Shock Theater [3.22]

Sam leaps into Sam Biederman, an institutionalized patient in 1954, immediately before he receives unnecessarily high electro-shock therapy from an angry orderly. This results in Sam becoming disconnected from his own personality, randomly adopting the personas of the hosts from his previous leaps. Al must find a way to help Sam complete his normal mission, and to help him leap out of the situation before the project loses touch with Sam forever.

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Quantum Leap – Heart of a Champion [3.20]

Sam leaps into Terry Sammis, a professional wrestler who is just starting out. He tag teams with his brother Ronny, who is fated to die of a heart attack during an upcoming title match. Normally consigned to “playing” bad guys for arranged matches, this title match represents an opportunity for Ronny to honor a promise made to his dead brother, who was also a wrestler. Because of how personally important it is, Sam has a difficult time convincing Ronny not to wrestle. In the end, Sam takes on the opponent by himself, refusing to “tag out” with his brother, and is eventually able to win against a far stronger and more experienced opponent. Thanks to his victory he is able to convince his brother to get checked out with a doctor, ultimately saving his life.

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Quantum Leap – Black on White on Fire [3.7]

Sam leaps into Ray Harper, a young black medical intern who is engaged to Susan, a young white woman, just as the Watts riots break out in 1965. He desperately tries to help people medically even as he does what he can to diffuse tensions amongst his loved ones, especially when Ray’s angry brother Lonnie threatens Susan. Tragically, Lonnie is killed by the police, but terrible events motivate Ray and Susan to stay in Watts in an effort to bring something positive to the community.

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Quantum Leap – The Boogieman [3.5]

Sam leaps into horror novelist Joshua Rey, and finds himself frustratingly unable to prevent a series of mysterious deaths from happening around his home on Halloween in 1964. Sam becomes convinced that there is a murderer at work, with evidence pointing to his fiancee, who also displays psychic abilities. In the end the culprit is revealed to be Al, who has been replaced by an imposter. Sam faces his enemy, who insinuates that he is the devil. In the end, returns to near the start of his leap, with the whole experience seeming to have been a nightmare–except that it contained accurate knowledge about the future. This time, Sam is able to prevent the firsts of the deaths, completing the leap.

Written by Chris Ruppenthal . Directed by Joe Napolitano

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Quantum Leap – The Leap Home [3.1]

Sam leaps into himself as a 16 year old, just before Thanksgiving.  Al tells him he is there to win a a big high school basketball game which will change the lives of several of the participants, but Sam is determined to use the time to improve the lives of his family:  helping his sister avoid a disastrous elopement, saving his father from an eventual heart attack, and eventually helping his brother not to die in the Vietnam war.  In the end, Sam wins the game but fails to change his family’s fate, but God or time or fate may give him another chance…

Written by Donald P. Bellisario. Directed by Joe Napolitano

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Quantum Leap – Sea Bride [2.21]

Sam leaps into Philip Dumont, a man who had been missing for years when lost at sea, who returned only to find that his ex-wife was about to marry someone else.  Together with her on a cruise, he must convince his wife that he is still in love with her and prevent her from marrying a notorious gangster.  At the same time, he must save his own life from the gangster’s wrath.

Written by Deborah Pratt. Directed by Joe Napolitano

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Quantum Leap – Pool Hall Blues [2.18]

Sam leaps Charlie “Black Magic” Walters a renowned pool player in the 1950’s.  The pool hall owned by his granddaughter Violet is under financial threat, and may go to a shady pool player / loan shark named Eddie, who also has designs on Violet herself.  Sam must face off with Eddie in a pool game for the ownership of the hall.  With Al’s holographic assistance, he is able to win the game and keep Viola’s dream alive of turning the hall into a blues club.

Written by Randy Holland. Directed by Joe Napolitano

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