Comics from My Childhood – Superman Family #177

A while ago, I wrote about how I first became a fan of comic books.  This led me to remember several issues from DC Comics that came out in the 1970’s, that were formative parts of my exposure to this whole medium.

So then I decided to track down some of those comics and buy them, and journal the experience. I got three of them, with the earliest cover date being July 1976: Superman Family #177.

Superman Family 177 Cover

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Jack Kirby’s Fourth World: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen

When I first heard that Jack Kirby had done a stint on Jimmy Olsen, my reaction was akin to what it would be if I’d discovered that Alan Moore had done a run on Jughead in the early 90’s.  Basically, something like, “What the–?!?!?!”  Or in other words, “That’s crazy!”  Well, it turns out that I’m right.  Kirby’s Jimmy Olsen is absolutely out-of-this-world insane.  Now, of course, we’re talking about Jimmy Olsen here, whose title was always insane, it seems like.  So maybe Kirby was just doing what he needed to to keep up. Continue reading Jack Kirby’s Fourth World: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen

Superman: New Krypton vol. 1

A while ago, I decided to give the Superman mega-story, New Krypton, a real go.  And then more recently, 15 trade paperbacks later (plus 2 prologues), I have finally completed it.  So it’s been quite an investment.  Worth it?  Eh…it’s hard to say.  It’s not terrible by any means, though I can see it might have been a bit much to read it as it came out – and maybe it tries to deal with a few too many threads to really hold together as a solid story, but it’s interesting to see DC undertake such an ambitious arc.  So now I’m going to give it a quick re-read, starting with New Krypton vol. 1. Continue reading Superman: New Krypton vol. 1