Favorite Fictional Heroes Countdown–Part 4 (#70-61)

And the countdown to my favourite fictional hero continues.  In this instalment, we have three, count ’em, three artificial life forms.  And a guy who is mistaken for an artificial life form.  And there are four female characters, which is tied for as many as we’ve had in a single list.  Two of them are attractive European-accented brunettes, one is an animated Mom, and one is a child from a book.

If you want to look at previous posts in this series you can look here:  102-91 (and rationale for the lists), 90-81 and 80-71.  Anyway…let’s get to it!

Saturn Girl 2 Continue reading Favorite Fictional Heroes Countdown–Part 4 (#70-61)

I Know It’s Not That Good…And Yet…

I just thumbed through Empire magazine’s latest issue – a list of the 300 greatest movies!  I was just scanning it to count how many of the film’s I had seen, and I came up with what I felt was a pretty respectable number: 158. That means there’s a lot I’ve seen, although there is a fair amount I’ve missed. Of course, not surprisingly, the list–apparently a reader poll–didn’t perfectly reflect my own well-considered opinions on the high points of cinema. But then how could it? I mean this is a list that includes Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Skyfall?

Really, Skyfall? I mean, I liked Skyfall, but we honestly couldn’t come up 299 films that were better than Skyfall? Continue reading I Know It’s Not That Good…And Yet…

“Greetings, Programs!” (A few words on Tron)

I like Tron.  It’s not that I believe it’s one of the best movies ever, but it’s always sort of had a reserved a place on my unofficial list of favorite films, in the same way that The Muppet Movie or Rumble in the Bronx has.  Does that make sense?  I’d never argue that any of those films are in the same league as say, Citizen Kane (to use an extreme example), but frankly I’d probably rather watch any of them more than the Orson Welles classic, given the choice. Continue reading “Greetings, Programs!” (A few words on Tron)