Notable Numbers

So, around the same time as I embarked on my Fictional Initials project, I also started this, a post about Notable Numbers.  My goal was to find a Notable Number which had some personal bearing in my life or in my pop culture appreciation, which could also be understood by others.  I decided that my range limit to this would be from 1 to 10,000.


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Stuff I’ve Read, Watched, Done #5 – Mar 22, 2020

Well, as everyone knows, we’re living in some crazy times, full of lots of challenge and  and pain and sadness.  For me, nothing has gone really bad, it’s just highly inconvenient.  But like many of us suffering in the more removed version of these trials, I’m actually pretty comfortable and certainly not suffering in any meaningful way.

So things like television viewing has remained pretty consistent, or even increased a bit.

Another Life

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Stuff I’ve Read, Watched, Done #1 – Feb 23, 2020

I’ve never written a post like this before, where I just talk about all the bits and pieces of the week which haven’t (and probably won’t) make it into their own articles. My intention is to do this every week as a form of logging and journaling, but we’ll see how that goes.

Doctor Who - Nightmare in Silver

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100 Years, 100 Creators – Part 7

Over a few posts, I’m choosing different creators or creative teams–novelist, composer, scriptwriter, comic book artist, etc–who have influenced or inspired me, and in most cases brought me a lot of enjoyment.

Boxers & Saints

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49th Year Bucket List

So, point of clarification:  I’m 48 years old currently, having just celebrated my birthday yesterday.  I’m not 49, but that this year is actually my 49th year of living.  When I celebrate my 49th birthday, that means I’m completing my 49th year, not starting it.

And I know, it’s not really a “bucket list” if the deadline isn’t the end of your life…when you “kick the bucket”.  Indeed, maybe it’d be better to call this a “49th Year To-Do List”.  But that’s catchy sounding, don’t you think?

So this is a list of things I’m hoping to have achieved by the time that me being able to say “I’m 48 years old” is cold and buried in the ground.  What do I want to have achieved / completed / accomplished by then?  That’s what we’re looking at here. Continue reading 49th Year Bucket List

Looking Back at Being 47

Today is the end of me being 47 years old.  I’ve been writing all year in one way or the other about how 47 is my favorite number, and now we’re here at the end of the year and all I can wonder is, did I actually do justice to this iconic moment in my life?  After all, I don’t get to go back and do it again.


Can I, indeed, think of 47 things I did or experienced this year that made the year notable or cool?

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My Childish Birthday List (Last Year)

Today, I am 44.  Last year, I made a “wish list” of 43 things I’d like to have seen / received this past year.  Now that it’s my birthday again, I thought I’d make a new list, but first, I wanted to look back and see how things fared over this last year.  Did I get what I wanted?  Or was I disappointed? Continue reading My Childish Birthday List (Last Year)

A Book Within a Book

In one of his Thursday Next series of books, Jasper Fforde had a plot where all the oral story characters – from nursery rhymes and myths and so on – were campaigning for equal rights as characters within classical literature.  The eventual solution?  Create a book in which they could all live and interact together, that could basically serve as their home.  The title of that book?  The Big Over Easy.  The punchline of this joke?  That The Big Over Easy is also a real book, one that Fforde had already written prior to the first Thursday Next story seeing the light of day.

Not in the form we have it, of course.  It was revised and changed in significant ways when he apparently dusted it off to publish it in the wake of his success with Thursday Next books.  But the core concept – a procedural detective story taking place in a world where nursery rhyme characters live and breathe…and die…alongside “normal” people has stayed the same. Continue reading A Book Within a Book