Quantum Leap – Piano Man [3.15]

Sam leaps into piano player Chuck Danner, who is really Joey DeNardo, a man on the run after having witnessed a murder years earlier He is found by his ex-girlfriend Lorraine whom he disappeared on due to the murder. Sam and the accident-prone Lorraine discover that their lives are in danger, and eventually realize that Lorraine’s new fiancé is actually the murderer, who started the relationship with Lorraine to track Joey down.

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Quantum Leap – 8 1/2 Months [3.12]

Sam leaps into Billie Jean Crockett, a pregnant teenager, shortly before she is going to give birth. Billie Jean is destined to give her baby up for adoption, a decision she will always regret. However, as an unwed teenaged girl without any financial support, she has little choice. Sam tries and fails to get support from either Billie Jean’s father or the baby’s father, but fails at every turn. It’s only when his daughter actually goes into labor that Billie Jean’s father has a change of heart. Meanwhile, Sam is desperate to leap as it seems that somehow he is actually carrying Billie Jean’s baby and his body is going into labor.

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Quantum Leap – The Great Spontini [3.8]

Sam leaps into magician Harry Spontini, who travels with his young daughter Jamie performing in night clubs and the like. Harry’s ex-wife Maggie shows up pursuing custody of Jamie, spurred on by her new fiance, a divorce lawyer named Steve Slater. Sam seeks to save Jamie, who will eventually run away because of this situation and end up living on the streets. In order to get the money for a permanent home and to avoid losing custody, Sam has to look at doing a potentially fatal trick–a trick which nearly kills Jamie in the revised history. Sam is convinced that he is there not only to save Jamie, but to reunite Harry’s family, which he eventually accomplishes.

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Quantum Leap – Leap of Faith [3.3]

Sam leaps into Father Frank Pistano, who serves alongside the older Father John McRoberts, who is distressed at the recent death of an alter boy. “Father Mac” knows that the murderer is a hoodlum called Tony Pronti, who killed the boy because he was a witness to a crime, and is now after Father Mac for the same reason. Sam must work to keep Father Mac alive, and also to prevent him from destroying his own life when Sam discovers that Mac is destined to kill Tony.

Teleplay by Tommy Thompson. Story by Nick Harding and Karen Hall & Tommy Thompson . Directed by James Whitmore jr.

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Quantum Leap – Jimmy [2.8]

Sam leaps into Jimmy LaMotta, a mentally handicapped man who is attempting to enter mainstream society with the help of his loving older brother Frank.  Sam faces prejudice and rejection from all sides as he attempts to help Jimmy succeed both at work and at home.

Written by Paul M. Belous & Robert Wolterstorff. Directed by James Whitmore jr

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