Doctor Who – All the Years – 1989

Doctor Who – All The Years is a quick examination of what was happening in the world of Doctor Who over all its years of existence. I’m not attempting to create a thorough history–just brief look back at the real-life timeline of my favorite TV show. Go back to the beginning and read about 1963 here.

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Dragonfire [Classic Doctor Who]

Doctor Who has long been my favorite show, but until recently rewatchings of old episodes have been few and far between.  This has changed in the last couple of years as I have been using birthday and Christmas money to buy some of the old episodes, usually enjoying them with one or two of my nerdier daughters. This year, though, my wife and I bought a year of Britbox for each other as a gift, which gives me access to nearly all of classic Who. My middle daughter and I decided to watch a story, and when I asked her which Doctor she wanted to see, she said her favorites are the Second and the Seventh. We’ve seen most of the existing Second Doctor stories so we went to Dragonfire, because it’s not too long and she’s a big Ace fan.

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