Quantum Leap – Shock Theater [3.22]

Sam leaps into Sam Biederman, an institutionalized patient in 1954, immediately before he receives unnecessarily high electro-shock therapy from an angry orderly. This results in Sam becoming disconnected from his own personality, randomly adopting the personas of the hosts from his previous leaps. Al must find a way to help Sam complete his normal mission, and to help him leap out of the situation before the project loses touch with Sam forever.

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Quantum Leap – The Color of Truth [1.6]

Sam leaps into Jesse Tyler, a black man in the American South in the 1950’s who works as a driver for an elderly white woman.  Al tells him he is there to save her from a dying in a car accident, but Sam feels compelled to get involved with the start of the civil rights movement.  In the end, he does both.

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