Stuff I’ve Read, Watched, Done #12 – October 5, 2020

Another week lived, another week gone. It’s school holidays at the moment, which has meant a bit more TV with the kids!

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The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

Man, sometimes it feels hard to be inspired to write about anything unless I don’t like it.  Like (gasp!) it’s actually easier to be snarky and nit-pick a movie’s faults, than to expound on what makes it great.  And if there’s a negative side to this whole blogging thing, that might be it:  I can be way more adept at fault-finding than I actually want to be, while my ability to positively describe something may have atrophied a bit.

The Man from UNCLE a

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Mission Impossible Fallout (Light Spoilers)

The Mission Impossible films started off as standalone stories that didn’t really have anything to do with one another, aside from the fact that they were all modern day approaches to the 1960’s TV series.  They all starred Tom Cruise, and they all featured Ving Rhames in a supporting role, they all had self-destructing messages and lifelike rubber masks, but aside from that there was barely any connective tissue between them.

That all began to change with the fourth movie, which had to deal with the fact that main character actually got married in the previous one.  After that, the sense of ongoing development continued to develop so that in the latest entry, Mission Impossible Fallout, there are no less then seven returning characters, including for the first time, the movie’s female lead and the main villain.

MIssion Impossible Fallout

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Batman v Superman – Four Friends Rant & Ruminate

When I saw Batman v. Superman a little while ago, I went with three friends who are all into films as well, and who mostly are also into comic books.  After it was over, we avoided talking about the movie until we had a chance to gather in McDonald’s over burgers, ice cream and coffee and poured out our opinions.  And for added novelty, we decided to record the whole thing on my cell phone.


Batman v Superman 2
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Batman v Superman: Who Will Win? (Not really the fans, I don’t think)

Super-busy, traveling soon, managed to get to the theatre to see the new movie that theoretically should everything my geeky and DC Comics-loving heart would want to see…

Must…write…blogpost…about it…


Batman v Superman 1
Diego Riselli


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