Quantum Leap – Permanent Wave [4.5]

Sam leaps into Frank Bianca, a popular hairdresser in 1980’s Beverly Hills. When Frank’s girlfriend’s son Kyle witnesses a drug-related murder, Sam finds himself trying to convince the boy’s mother, Laura, that they have to go to the police. Laura refuses, especially since Kyle’s father was actually killed in retaliation for testifying against another murderer. Nonetheless, Laura and Kyle are fated to be killed over the incident. Sam and Al eventually realize that the police officer Sam has been relating to is the actual murderer, before discovering that one of Frank’s co-workers, a woman named Chloe, is the real force behind the criminal activity. The situation is bleak but Sam and Laura are able to stop Chloe. Frank and Laura get engaged as Sam leaps.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Tin Man [3.20]

The Enterprise is assigned to work with Tan Elbrum, a disturbed alien communications expert, to make contact with “Tin Man” – a living organic space ship that has been discovered near a star that is soon going to go nova.  The Romulans are also interested in Tin Man Continue reading Star Trek: The Next Generation – Tin Man [3.20]