Say Something Nice – Doctor Who: The Mind Robber

In an effort to find something quick that can be written as part of Daily Doctor Who, we are continuing with Say Something Nice, where I look back at each of the Doctor Who stories and pull out one or two cool things about it.

(Daily Doctor Who #355)

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The Mind Robber [Classic Doctor Who]

I’ve written a few of these posts lately, which have mostly come about because of spending money I received, originally for my 50th birthday, and more recently for Christmas. I am enjoying rewatching these stories lately, especially sharing them with my nerdier daughters and seeing the stories through their eyes.

(Daily Doctor Who # 60)

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Doctor Who – 1968 – All the Years

Doctor Who – All The Years is a quick examination of what was happening in the world of Doctor Who over all its years of existence. I’m not attempting to create a thorough history–just brief look back at the real-life timeline of my favorite TV show. Go back to the beginning and read about 1963 here.

(Daily Doctor Who #43)

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