Top 60 Favorite Fictional A.I.’s – Part Four [24-13]

Continuing here our rundown of my 60 Favorite Fictional Artificial Intelligences.

You can have a look here for Part One, which includes some of the rationale for this list, as well as some of the explanations and qualifications, and here for Part Two and here for Part Three.

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Superman: New Krypton vol. 1

A while ago, I decided to give the Superman mega-story, New Krypton, a real go.  And then more recently, 15 trade paperbacks later (plus 2 prologues), I have finally completed it.  So it’s been quite an investment.  Worth it?  Eh…it’s hard to say.  It’s not terrible by any means, though I can see it might have been a bit much to read it as it came out – and maybe it tries to deal with a few too many threads to really hold together as a solid story, but it’s interesting to see DC undertake such an ambitious arc.  So now I’m going to give it a quick re-read, starting with New Krypton vol. 1. Continue reading Superman: New Krypton vol. 1

Superman: Brainiac

I just re-read the Superman: Brainiac trade paperback, by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.  It’s a significant story in its particular period of Superman history as it basically is the immediate prologue to the massive New Krypton storyline that dominated the Superman titles for quite a while.  I’ve been making my way through the New Krypton trades for a while now, enjoying an extended Superman storyline in spite of mediocre reviews.  That’s what led me to pick up Brainiac even though I’d previously read it from the library.  Continue reading Superman: Brainiac