Doctor Who: The Maltese Penguin [Big Finish]

So, last time I wrote I mentioned that I might try to go back to other Big Finish Doctor Who audios that I’ve listened to but not yet blogged about.  And then right after that, I was looking for something to listen to and pulled out the “Bonus Release” story The Maltese Penguin.  As I started listening to it, I thought it sounded very familiar.  I thought maybe I’d listened to a preview track of it before.  But eventually I realized that actually I’ve listened to this entire thing before, but just forgotten it!

So, since I accidentally made good on my initial idea of re-listening to old stories, I thought why not go all the way and write this on up?  (Unless of course, I already have and have forgotten about that as well!  Quick checknope, seems good.)

The Maltese Penguin

The Maltese Penguin stars Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor and Frobisher, and Robert Jezek as Frobisher.  Confused?  Well, it’s simple really:  Frobisher is a shape-shifting alien (a “Whifferdill”) who originated in the comic strip in Doctor Who Magazine, created by Steve Parkhouse and John Ridgway.   He traveled primarily with the Sixth Doctor, and spent most of his time in the form of a penguin.  He proved popular (or at least memorable) enough to appear in other spin-off media, including the novel Mission: Impractical and one of the first Big Finish audios I ever listened to, The Holy Terror.
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Doctor Who: The Holy Terror [Audio]

The Holy Terror (beware, some spoilers ahead, particularly in the final paragraph) is my first ever “normal” Big Finish audio Doctor Who story, featuring just one Doctor his companion(s).  In this case it’s Colin Baker’s 6th Doctor and his popular long-term companion, Frobisher the Penguin.

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