Ten Great Time Travel Stories

I’d like to call this the 10 best time travel stories, but come on, can I really make such an identification?  How do I tell the difference between a great “time travel story” and a great story that just happens to include time travel?   Does every good episode of Doctor Who or the Legion of Super-Heroes count just because the Doctor gets to the adventure in the Tardis or Superboy by breaking the time barrier?  And what about all those time travel stories that I have never seen or read?  What, indeed, about all those time travel stories that I have read, but simply cannot remember? Continue reading Ten Great Time Travel Stories


I’ve found “Looper” a challenging film to write about.  The log-line looks exactly like something I’d really get into with it’s high concept time travel (criminals from the future send people they want to be killed into the past to be gunned down by “loopers” – hit men who then dispose of the body where future technology cannot find it.  One day looper Joe Simmons recognizes his latest victim as…himself.  What will he/they do?)  Unfortunately, the actual viewing proved less satisfying.  Continue reading Looper