Quantum Leap – Justice [4.4]

Sam leaps into Clyde (no last name given) just as he is being inducted into the Ku Klux Klan. Sam is revolted and soon discovers that Clyde himself is conflicted about it, feeling pressured to join because of his family. Sam soon discovers that he is there to prevent the forthcoming lynching of a young black activist named Nathaniel Simpson. His efforts to prevent violence ultimately fail, and in the end Sam is only able to save Nathaniel by insisting he be hung next to him–something the Klansmen, particulalry his father-in-law, are unwilling to do.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Redemption, Part II [5.1]

The Klingon civil war is well underway between the forces of the family Duras against the forces of Gowron, which include Worf and his brother Kurn.  Picard organizes a Federation task force to create a sensor blockade which will reveal the involvement of the Romulans in supporting the Duras family.  Data captains one of the starships in this blockade.  Continue reading Star Trek: The Next Generation – Redemption, Part II [5.1]