Not Meaningless After All? (Musing on my Movies)

Recently, I had a minor epiphany about myself and some of the films I’ve made over the years.

A question I’ve pondered from time to time regarding the whole activity of film making and story telling is how much do you focus on “message”–that is, the underlying meaning behind the plot and characters on the screen–as opposed to “story”.  Naturally, there is no reason a film can’t be strong in both, but what should be my focus, especially in the writing and development stage?

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My Mise en Scène is Tingling

I don’t really know what to say about this project.  It was conceived of and written in 2009 in Kyrgyzstan, but not produced until 2012 in Indonesia.  It’s full of a number of obscure scriptwriting and film references that most people wouldn’t get, but I think that’s okay.  And it’s loosely…very loosely…based on a real conversation. Continue reading My Mise en Scène is Tingling