Quantum Leap – Maybe Baby [2.20]

Sam leaps into a bouncer who is romantically involved with Bunny, a stripper, right in the middle of the pair of them kidnapping a baby.  Bunny has claimed that the baby is hers, but Sam eventually discovers the truth that she is taking the baby from the baby’s mean and brutal father.  The father is a criminal, and threatens their lives as they attempt to get across state lines and return the baby to her mother.

Written by Julie Brown and Paul Brown. Directed by Michael Zinberg.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Violations [5.12]

Visiting telepaths who make a habit of helping people recover lost memories are traveling on board the Enterprise.  One of them, Jev, begins to telepathically attack members of the crew, making them relive dark memories repeatedly until they fall into a coma.  Continue reading Star Trek: The Next Generation – Violations [5.12]