Doctor Who: Storm Warning [Big Finish]

Storm Warning - Big FinishStorm Warning, which was produced back in 2000, is notable because it was the first Doctor Who Big Finish production to feature Paul McGann in the lead role, and thus basically the first “latest adventure” of the Doctor that the audio production company released.  It was the start of a four-part “season” of 8th Doctor adventures, and introduced his first Big Finish companion, Charlotte Pollard, played by India Fisher. Continue reading Doctor Who: Storm Warning [Big Finish]

Doctor Who: The Light at the End

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who just around the corner and Big Finish, a company that have been producing original Doctor Who audio dramas for years, has celebrated by releasing their “50th Anniversary” story a  month early, on October 23.  I saw an add, I believed the hype, I spent a bit of money I recently received from my mother, and I bought the digital download (received,  I kid you not, because it wasn’t my birthday). Continue reading Doctor Who: The Light at the End