Doctor Who: The Eye of the Scorpion [Big Finish]

I am coming to the end of my initial subscription of Big Finish’s Doctor Who (main range) audios.  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Big Finish made their first 50 stories available very cheaply, so I went ahead and bought 12 so that I could get one of their free bonus stories (in this case, The Five Companions, featuring, amongst others, William Russell as Ian Chesterton).  The results of been a mixture of hits and misses, with a fair number falling in the broad area in between.  The biggest misses have been the first Peter Davison story I listened to (The Mutant Phase featuring the Daleks at their most irritating) and the most recent Colin Baker story I’ve heard (Project: Twilight).

The Eye of the Scorpion

I am happy to say that amongst the biggest hits I have heard is this little gem – The Eye of the Scorpion, featuring Peter Davison and Nicola Bryant as Peri, and introducing new companion Erinem, an Egyptian princess, played by Caroline Morris.

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