Confusion is Like Mustard

Well well well, here we go with this project.  This was filmed and edited back in 1998 when I was working late one night with my good friend Dwight (co-author of True Blues) and we decided to just go for it.  The quality is pretty shocking because of course it was done in glorious Hi-8, and because I’m still trying to figure out how to best digitally convert  my VHS tapes in the best way. Continue reading Confusion is Like Mustard

True Blues Tuesday – Chapter Six

True Blues
True Blues

Today on True Blues Tuesday, we have Chapter Six of True Blues Retold, in which Bo demands to hear something that nearly ruined Johnny’s life forever.

This episode features a brief clip from the original True Blues, including series co-creator Dwight, as well as our friend Trish, as the singers in the awesome bluesy-woozy disco-funk-jazz ensemble, Soul Booty! Continue reading True Blues Tuesday – Chapter Six

True Blues Tuesday!

It’s True Blues Tuesday!  For the next nine weeks, the plan is to put a chapter of the audio book “True Blues Retold” online on the site.  I’ve been recording this thing for two years now.  However, to clarify, that’s not in a “two arduous agonizing years” sort of way – more of a “whenever I can get to it and it’s been two years now” type  thing. Continue reading True Blues Tuesday!