Doctor Who – Zagreus [Big Finish]

It’s taken me a while but I finally am getting back into some Big Finish listening. The presence of Christmas money hasn’t hurt, and my recent forays into podcasts and audio books have helped to inspire my interest in the medium again. So I decided to carry on my consumption of Big Finish’s main range of Doctor Who audios (it doesn’t hurt that they are really cheap), but I was almost put off by the next one on the list: Zagreus.

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Red Dwarf–the Doctor Who connections

Apropos of nothing, I’ve been looking from time to time at what connections to Doctor Who can be found in other popular TV shows. As I mentioned recently, there is a lot of obvious overlap between the fandoms of Doctor Who and that of Red Dwarf. At least, I assume as much given that they are both British and science fiction TV.

(Daily Doctor Who #148)

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