Quantum Leap – A Song for the Soul [4.15]

Sam leaps into Cherea, a black teenager who has dreams of forming a female singing group with her friends Lynelle and Paula. The relationship between Lynelle and her conservative and protective preacher of a father is very tense, and is destined to fall apart as Lynelle continues to pursue singing. In particular, Lynelle is sought after by the immoral club owner and music promoter, Bobby Lee. Sam must find a way to help Lynelle and her father reconcile before it is too late

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Top 60 Favorite Fictional A.I.’s – Part Two [48-37]

Continuing here our rundown of my 60 Favorite Fictional Artificial Intelligences.

This means things like robots, holograms, sentient computers, and so on from movies, TV shows, comics or books.

You can have a look here for Part One, which includes some of the rationale for this list, as well as some of the explanations and qualifications.

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Quantum Leap – Dreams [2.8]

Sam leaps into police detective Jack Stone just as he is discovering the dead body of a murdered woman. However, from that moment Sam experiences flashbacks to traumatic events from Stone’s own childhood. He visits a psychiatrist connected to the case in order to pursue his investigation, but also for advice regarding the confusion he is experiencing. The psychiatrist is the actual murderer, though, and Sam is almost killed in the process of working with him to unpack Stone’s memories–but he is able to save himself in the end.

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Quantum Leap – The Leap Back [4.1]

After the events of Shock Theatre, Al and Sam find they have changed places, so that Al has leapt into a recently returned World War II veteran in 1945 who had been believed to be dead, while Sam has gone to the Imaging Chamber in the present. After some effort, Sam is able to leave the chamber where he is reunited with his wife Donna, who he had completely forgotten about in the process of leaping through time. Al as reconnects with his host’s girlfriend, who had gotten engaged while she thought he was dead. Her knew fiancé is enraged and attempts to kill them both, leading Sam to re-leaping in order to save Al’s life. Sam and Al thus return to their more usual positions, and Sam once again forgets that he is married to Donna.

Written by Donald P. Bellisario. Directed by Michael Zinberg

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Quantum Leap – Shock Theater [3.22]

Sam leaps into Sam Biederman, an institutionalized patient in 1954, immediately before he receives unnecessarily high electro-shock therapy from an angry orderly. This results in Sam becoming disconnected from his own personality, randomly adopting the personas of the hosts from his previous leaps. Al must find a way to help Sam complete his normal mission, and to help him leap out of the situation before the project loses touch with Sam forever.

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Quantum Leap – Last Dance Before an Execution [3.19]

Sam leaps into Jesus Ortega, a death row inmate with only 48 hours to live. A lawyer from the prosecutor’s office, Tearsa Lorrea, secretly helps Jesus, believing him and his fellow defendant, Raul Casta, are innocent. Sam and Al help her to dig up new evidence, but it only confirms that Jesus is guilty. Immediately prior to his execution, Al discovers the truth and has Sam confess to the murder but exonerate Raul, as the real Jesus committed the crime on his own. He also helps to expose the corrupt District Attorney (and gubernatorial candidate). Sam leaps just before Jesus is executed.

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Doctor Who & Quantum Leap–Non-Existent Crossovers (Eighth Doctor)

Doctor Who has been on (and off) the air since 1963, with a myriad of adventures showing the Doctor and his companions traveling to endless corners of the universe.

(Daily Doctor Who #239)

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Quantum Leap – 8 1/2 Months [3.12]

Sam leaps into Billie Jean Crockett, a pregnant teenager, shortly before she is going to give birth. Billie Jean is destined to give her baby up for adoption, a decision she will always regret. However, as an unwed teenaged girl without any financial support, she has little choice. Sam tries and fails to get support from either Billie Jean’s father or the baby’s father, but fails at every turn. It’s only when his daughter actually goes into labor that Billie Jean’s father has a change of heart. Meanwhile, Sam is desperate to leap as it seems that somehow he is actually carrying Billie Jean’s baby and his body is going into labor.

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Quantum Leap – Black on White on Fire [3.7]

Sam leaps into Ray Harper, a young black medical intern who is engaged to Susan, a young white woman, just as the Watts riots break out in 1965. He desperately tries to help people medically even as he does what he can to diffuse tensions amongst his loved ones, especially when Ray’s angry brother Lonnie threatens Susan. Tragically, Lonnie is killed by the police, but terrible events motivate Ray and Susan to stay in Watts in an effort to bring something positive to the community.

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Quantum Leap – Sea Bride [2.21]

Sam leaps into Philip Dumont, a man who had been missing for years when lost at sea, who returned only to find that his ex-wife was about to marry someone else.  Together with her on a cruise, he must convince his wife that he is still in love with her and prevent her from marrying a notorious gangster.  At the same time, he must save his own life from the gangster’s wrath.

Written by Deborah Pratt. Directed by Joe Napolitano

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