Stuff I’ve Read, Watched, Done #22 – October 31, 2021 (including a whole lotta Batman)

Happy Halloween!

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Quantum Leap – Hurricane [4.3]

Sam leaps into Archie Necaise, a Mississippi sheriff working with his girlfriend Cissy (a Red Cross nurse) trying to help people evacuate in the face of the onset of the devastating Hurricane Camille. Sam must prevent Cissy’s death in the storm, while also helping others in his role as sheriff. Eventually, Sam and Al realize that Cissy was not killed by the storm but by Archie’s jealous ex-girlfriend, desperate to win Archie back. Sam is able to save Cissy and also help spur her on to doing the work to become a psychotherapist.

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Quantum Leap – Play Ball [4.2]

Sam leaps into Lester “Doc” Fuller, a minor league baseball player already well into his career. Al believes that Sam is there to help Doc get into the major leagues by impressing a scout at an important game, but this will mean betraying Chucky Myerwich, an angry young player that Sam has befriended. Over Al’s objections, Sam does what he can to help Chucky improve his future, both by letting him pitch the critical game and helping him restore his relationship with his father. Sam is ultimately able to help both Chucky and Doc to a better future by trusting his instincts.

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Quantum Leap – The Leap Back [4.1]

After the events of Shock Theatre, Al and Sam find they have changed places, so that Al has leapt into a recently returned World War II veteran in 1945 who had been believed to be dead, while Sam has gone to the Imaging Chamber in the present. After some effort, Sam is able to leave the chamber where he is reunited with his wife Donna, who he had completely forgotten about in the process of leaping through time. Al as reconnects with his host’s girlfriend, who had gotten engaged while she thought he was dead. Her knew fiancé is enraged and attempts to kill them both, leading Sam to re-leaping in order to save Al’s life. Sam and Al thus return to their more usual positions, and Sam once again forgets that he is married to Donna.

Written by Donald P. Bellisario. Directed by Michael Zinberg

Previous Episode: Shock Theatre • Next Episode: Play Ball

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Song of the Thin Man [50 Films Older Than Me #9]

Just lately, it was my birthday! And to add to all the real life goals and challenges that that brings, I’ve created at least one as it relates to movies and this blog–watch a film I’ve never seen before which came out in each year of the fifty years before I was born, and then write a bit about it.  This is Post #9.

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Quantum Leap – Shock Theater [3.22]

Sam leaps into Sam Biederman, an institutionalized patient in 1954, immediately before he receives unnecessarily high electro-shock therapy from an angry orderly. This results in Sam becoming disconnected from his own personality, randomly adopting the personas of the hosts from his previous leaps. Al must find a way to help Sam complete his normal mission, and to help him leap out of the situation before the project loses touch with Sam forever.

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Quantum Leap – A Hunting We Will Go [3.18]

Sam leaps into Gordon O’Reilly, a bounty hunter bringing a fugitive named Diane Frost to “justice”. Sam wrestles with whether Diane is actually innocent even as he struggles to prevent her escaping. All this is complicated by the fact that the two are becoming attracted to each other…except it might just be an act Diane is putting on to help her get away. In the end, Sam saves Diane’s life from her former boss and a corrupt police officer, and Diane goes on to a career as a bounty hunter herself.

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Doctor Who & Quantum Leap–Non-Existent Crossovers (Eighth Doctor)

Doctor Who has been on (and off) the air since 1963, with a myriad of adventures showing the Doctor and his companions traveling to endless corners of the universe.

(Daily Doctor Who #239)

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Quantum Leap – A Little Miracle [3.10]

Sam leaps into Reginald Pearson, a valet for the wealthy and cold-hearted Michael Blake, whose new building development is going to toss a Salvation Army mission and the people it helps out onto the streets. Sam decides the way to help Blake to change is to take inspiration from A Christmas Carol and to help him reconnect with the past and to see the implications of the present. When that doesn’t work, he and Al resort to more drastic measures. Taking advantage of a fluke that allows Blake to see Al, they make him believe he is being visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future to bring home to Blake where his current path is taking him, which leads to Blake becoming a changed man.

Teleplay by Sandy Fries and Robert Wolterstorff. Story by Sandy Fries. Directed by Michael Watkins

Previous Episode: Rebel Without A Clue Next Episode: Runaway

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Quantum Leap – Black on White on Fire [3.7]

Sam leaps into Ray Harper, a young black medical intern who is engaged to Susan, a young white woman, just as the Watts riots break out in 1965. He desperately tries to help people medically even as he does what he can to diffuse tensions amongst his loved ones, especially when Ray’s angry brother Lonnie threatens Susan. Tragically, Lonnie is killed by the police, but terrible events motivate Ray and Susan to stay in Watts in an effort to bring something positive to the community.

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