Top 60 Favorite Fictional A.I.’s – Part Three [36-25]

Continuing here our rundown of my 60 Favorite Fictional Artificial Intelligences.

This means things like robots, holograms, sentient computers, and so on from movies, TV shows, comics or books.

You can have a look here for Part One, which includes some of the rationale for this list, as well as some of the explanations and qualifications, and here for Part Two.

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Shada [Classic Doctor Who]

Doctor Who has long been my favorite show, but in recent years rewatchings of old episodes have been few and far between.  But lately I decided to spend both some of my birthday and Christmas spending money on some of these adventures, and enjoy them with one or two of my nerdier daughters. Although in this case, I actually got the story from the library!

(Daily Doctor Who #288)

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Doctor Who – 1979 – All the Years

Doctor Who – All The Years is a quick examination of what was happening in the world of Doctor Who over all its years of existence. I’m not attempting to create a thorough history–just brief look back at the real-life timeline of my favorite TV show. Go back to the beginning and read about 1963 here.

(Daily Doctor Who #247)

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