The Robots of Death [Classic Doctor Who]

Doctor Who has long been my favorite show, but in recent years rewatchings of old episodes have been few and far between.  But recently I decided to spend some of my 50th birthday spending money on some of these adventures, and enjoy them with one or two of my nerdier daughters. (However, I already owned this one–but it was rewatching all those others that inspired me to revisit it again).

(Daily Doctor Who #67)

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Doctor Who: The Nightmare Fair [Big Finish – Lost Stories]

Man, Big Finish has an enormous output.  I love Doctor Who and I enjoy seeing every episode of the show that I can, but when I look at the scope of what Big Finish has created since it started making Doctor Who audio dramas back in 1999, and it’s just clear that there is no way I’ll ever have time to catch up on all of it (unless, you know, I end up in that well-stocked Antarctic bunker I’ve often thought about).  In addition to their “Main Range” of dramas, which is hitting it’s 200th release around now, there are various and sundry other lines of Doctor Who-related material – stuff featuring Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords, Alternate-universe stories, literary companion Bernice Summerfield, Sarah Jane Smith, and on and on.  Add to the time the money issue (most of the dramas cost $20 or more) and it seems pretty clear that there’s a lot of material I’m never going to listen to.

And then along comes Humble Bundle, with their unbelievably cool deal of offering tons of stuff for whatever you want to pay for it (although you need to hit certain marks if you’re going to unlock certain parts of each package) and all of a sudden I have a pile of Doctor Who audios that I never thought I’d get around to buying.  All of that to lead up to The Nightmare Fair, a drama from the “Lost Stories” line.

Doctor Who - The Nightmare Fair - Big Finish

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