Community – Introduction to Film [1.3]

Britta pays for Abed’s film class when his father refuses to.  However, Abed appears to take advantage of her generosity and drives to explosive moments of frustration, all captured by Abed’s camera.  This turns out to be Abed’s strategy for making a documentary about his parents and their break up over the stress of raising him.  Abed’s father comes to realize that film helps his son to express himself and agrees to start paying for his classes.  Meanwhile, Jeff attempts to get an A from a free-spirited teacher by “seizing the day”, something he is only able to do when Britta gives him a strategic “life changing kiss” in front of the teacher.  Pierce helps Troy to develop more mature-sounding sneeze. Continue reading Community – Introduction to Film [1.3]

Community – Pilot [1.1]

It was  a few years ago now that my friend Rod was telling me about this show entitled Community.  I apparently reminded him of Abed on it, although he was quick to tell me that this was in every way.  Anyway, I was eventually convinced to give the show a go, and though I felt it got off to a slow start, I’m very glad I did. Continue reading Community – Pilot [1.1]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

There are a number of things that make Captain America: The Winter Soldier not quite perfect. Natasha’s speech to the governmental enquiry at the end is a bit self-righteous and silly. SHIELD seems to have been infiltrated absurdly easily. Arnim Zola is abruptly re-introduced and then destroyed in one exposition-filled scene. The villain is immediately obvious from his first appearance—and really, ever since the film’s advanced publicity material began to be released (although at least that’s overtly revealed quite early on). And there’s something more than a bit convenient about how the three giant Death Stars in the sky can be overcome by replacing three easy-to-access, unguarded circuits boards.

Yet in spite of this the movie is a huge success, and continue to show that Marvel has learned a thing or two about keeping this franchise strong, as all of their films since The Avengers can attest. Continue reading Captain America: The Winter Soldier