“Greetings, Programs!” (A few words on Tron)

I like Tron.  It’s not that I believe it’s one of the best movies ever, but it’s always sort of had a reserved a place on my unofficial list of favorite films, in the same way that The Muppet Movie or Rumble in the Bronx has.  Does that make sense?  I’d never argue that any of those films are in the same league as say, Citizen Kane (to use an extreme example), but frankly I’d probably rather watch any of them more than the Orson Welles classic, given the choice. Continue reading “Greetings, Programs!” (A few words on Tron)

Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Price [3.8]

Troi falls quickly in love with negotiator Devinoni Ral, who is competing against the Federation for control of a newly discovered stable wormhole.  Troi discovers that Ral is secretly empathic, and uses his ability to gain him advantages in his work. Continue reading Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Price [3.8]