Doctor Who: Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless [Big Finish]

A few years after the previous series, Big Finish released their fourth and final (at least so far) set of Dalek Empire audio dramas, this time consisting of four episodes subtitled The Fearless. Never having been a big Dalek fan, I have only acquired all of these dramas via special Humble Bundle deals.

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Doctor Who: Invasion of the Daleks [Big Finish]

Daleks & Doctor Who – the two go together like bread and butter. And I have always (read: since I was about 15, so quite a while ago now) been a Doctor Who fan. But I’ve never been a particular fan of the Daleks. Sure, they have some good stories (I’ve just rewatched and enjoyed the original The Daleks featuring William Hartnell), but the Daleks as characters with their screechy voices and their overall indomitability have never been very appealing as either characters or an alien species. They’re just annoying, with their one-note heartlessness, and I’m always wondering with all the times the Doctor has defeated them, how come people haven’t figured out how their impenetrable armor or unstoppable weapons work and just adapted them? Oh well, there’s probably some expanded universe story out there that justifies that

Anyway, my general disinterest in the Daleks explains why I wasn’t very confident or hopeful going into Invasion of the Daleks, the first part of the first season of audio adventures from Big Finish about the Daleks, and not featuring the Doctor or any other familiar characters from the TV show. But listen to it I did, thanks to the same Humble Bumble deal that got me started on Big Finish’s “Lost Stories” line of Doctor Who adventures.

Dalek Empire - Invasion of the Daleks

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