Favorite Fictional Heroes Countdown–Part 4 (#70-61)

And the countdown to my favourite fictional hero continues.  In this instalment, we have three, count ’em, three artificial life forms.  And a guy who is mistaken for an artificial life form.  And there are four female characters, which is tied for as many as we’ve had in a single list.  Two of them are attractive European-accented brunettes, one is an animated Mom, and one is a child from a book.

If you want to look at previous posts in this series you can look here:  102-91 (and rationale for the lists), 90-81 and 80-71.  Anyway…let’s get to it!

Saturn Girl 2 Continue reading Favorite Fictional Heroes Countdown–Part 4 (#70-61)

47 Movie Blogs #18 – Female Movie Heroes that My Daughters Can Look Up To

I am a father with three daughters, and ever since I’ve had daughter I’ve become much more aware of how awkwardly, often how outright badly, women are depicted in movies (and also TV and comics).  Even if they are strong characters with compelling stories, the visual representation is often intentionally suggestive.  Take a look at Star Trek Voyager‘s Seven of Nine, for example.  Great character, but for goodness sake, could you just put on a jacket? Continue reading 47 Movie Blogs #18 – Female Movie Heroes that My Daughters Can Look Up To

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Familiar music.  Opening crawl. Starfield.  Someone shoots a blaster, someone turns on a lightsabre, and someone flies a ship.

Is there really any point to a spoiler-free review with a movie like this?  Is my opinion really going to influence anyone’s decision to see it?  It seems to me that some aren’t going to be interested no matter what, while others would go to see it even if it was all about a clown swinging a light sabre at a pinata.




Anyway, let’s proceed with a Spoiler-Caution of “Yellow Alert” on.  We’re not going to mention specific details of major plot points, but if you’re a purist about seeing this movie knowing nothing in advance, than what are you doing here anyway? Continue reading Star Wars: The Force Awakens