Community – Home Economics [1.8]

Jeff is forced out of his apartment and ends up living with Abed, becoming unmotivated to do anything but watch TV.  This provokes Britta to try to pull Jeff back into his materialistic life.  Meanwhile, Pierce joins Vaughn’s band, and ends up co-writing a song about how awful Britta is.  Later, he argues with Vaughn and ends up at the receiving end of Vaughn’s wrath.  At the same time, Annie finds herself in the uncomfortable position of giving Troy advice on how to impress another girl on a date.

Written by Lauren Pomerantz • Directed by  Anthony Russo
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Community – Introduction to Statistics [1.7]

Around Halloween, Jeff begins to pursue one of his teachers romantically.  This causes Shirley to target the teacher for mean-spirited revenge on behalf of Britta, who is not offended.  Shirley realizes that she is doing this because in truth she is upset about her ex-husband moving on with a new girlfriend.  At Annie’s party, Pierce takes some illicit drugs and freaks out, causing Jeff to give up an opportunity to be with his teacher in order to help him.  Jeff helps Pierce settle down, but they are almost crushed by some falling desks before they are rescued by Batman (Abed in costume).  Continue reading Community – Introduction to Statistics [1.7]

Community – Football, Feminism and You [1.6]

The Dean essentially blackmails Jeff into helping convince Troy play football for the school, which upsets Annie as she sees this as him no longer needing her to help him study for classes.  Meanwhile, Shirley helps Britta learn to be more caring to other women, specifically by going to the bathroom with them.  And Pierce helps the Dean design a new mascot for the Greendale team, the Human Beings.  Continue reading Community – Football, Feminism and You [1.6]

Community – Advanced Criminal Law [1.5]

When Chang threatens to fail the whole Spanish class because somebody cheated on a test, Britta owns up and ends up before a tribunal with her standing with the school on trial.  Meanwhile, Pierce convinces Annie to let him write a new school song, but he struggles with coming up with anything original.  Abed “messes” with Troy by nearly convincing him he’s an alien.  Jeff is able to defend Britta and allow her to remain a student. Continue reading Community – Advanced Criminal Law [1.5]

Community – Social Psychology [1.4]

Jeff and Shirley find they are bonding over gossiping about people, especially about Britta’s new, super-laid back boyfriend Vaughn.  Annie tricks invites Abed and Troy to be part of a social psychology experiment, but freaks out when Abed fails to behave as expected.  Meanwhile, Pierce buys an “ear-nocular” allowing him to listen to other people’s conversations.  Vaughn breaks up with Britta after he realizes that she shared his love poem to Jeff, who shared it with Shirley, who shared it with the rest of the group.  Jeff and Shirley agree to stop gossiping together. Continue reading Community – Social Psychology [1.4]

Community – Introduction to Film [1.3]

Britta pays for Abed’s film class when his father refuses to.  However, Abed appears to take advantage of her generosity and drives to explosive moments of frustration, all captured by Abed’s camera.  This turns out to be Abed’s strategy for making a documentary about his parents and their break up over the stress of raising him.  Abed’s father comes to realize that film helps his son to express himself and agrees to start paying for his classes.  Meanwhile, Jeff attempts to get an A from a free-spirited teacher by “seizing the day”, something he is only able to do when Britta gives him a strategic “life changing kiss” in front of the teacher.  Pierce helps Troy to develop more mature-sounding sneeze. Continue reading Community – Introduction to Film [1.3]

Community – Spanish 101 [1.2]

When the group is paired up for a project by their Spanish teacher, Senor Chang, Jeff attempts to partner with Britta but winds up with Pierce instead.  This leads to a falling out between them when Jeff tires of Pierce’s extreme approach to the assignment.  But later, Jeff feels sorry for Pierce and participates in an elaborate performance in class with him–a selfless act, even though it earns him a failing grade.  Meanwhile, Britta inspires Shirley and Annie to become activists for a political cause, which eventually makes Britta realize that she hasn’t achieved much in her life. Continue reading Community – Spanish 101 [1.2]

Community – Pilot [1.1]

It was  a few years ago now that my friend Rod was telling me about this show entitled Community.  I apparently reminded him of Abed on it, although he was quick to tell me that this was in every way.  Anyway, I was eventually convinced to give the show a go, and though I felt it got off to a slow start, I’m very glad I did. Continue reading Community – Pilot [1.1]