Things that make you go “Wha–!?!?!??!??!!!?” – Twilight of the Cockroaches

Years ago, I was the local video shop (which at the time was a bit of a quest to get to), choosing this week’s entertainment, when I came across something I had never heard of before: a Japanese, half animated / half live action film called Twilight of Cockroaches. The movie promised an apocalyptic allegory after which I would never look at cockroaches in the same way again. I picked it up and the resulting viewing experience turned out to be one of the strangest ones I’d ever had. From memory, it drove away more than one friend who started it with me (including the woman who later became my wife), and though I have never seen it since it has left an indelible mark in my memory.

So, going off of that indelible mark only, and absolutely no further research whatsoever, I’m going to try to recount the movie’s story. Continue reading Things that make you go “Wha–!?!?!??!??!!!?” – Twilight of the Cockroaches