Doctor Who: The Hollows of Time [Big Finish – Lost Stories]

I don’t seem to have any way around this – after three efforts (see also here and here), I’m not really enjoying these Colin Baker / Nicola Bryant headlined Lost Stories of Doctor Who. Again, for the uninitiated, the lost stories are considered “lost” simply because they were never produced. They aren’t, of course, the series’ true lost episodes, which are the ones that the BBC erased from their archives and have never been recovered. These are stories which for one reason or another were abandoned when they were still at the script stage. In the case of The Hollows of Time (and the others I’ve commented on), it’s because of the original plans for Season 23 of the classic series being scrapped when the series was put onto hiatus, with all in-development stories being put aside in favor of the odd experiment that was The Trial of a Time-Lord.

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