Quantum Leap – The Curse of Ptah-Hotep [4.20]

Sam leaps into archeologist Dr. Dale Conway on a dig in Egypt which uncovers the lost tomb of Ptah-Hotep. Mysterious deaths begin to occur, leading to speculation that there is a murderer amongst their party, or that the Ptah-Hotep’s legendary curse is striking down those who would disturb his rest. Sam is excited by the find and so determined to not be put off by either threat. In the end, the deaths turn out to be accidental…unless they were caused by the curse? One of Sam’s colleagues becomes a would-be murderer but is apparently killed by a living mummy instead!

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Quantum Leap – Roberto! [4.17]

Sam leaps into Roberto Gutierrez, a local daytime TV talk show host whose program thrives on sensationalism and conflict. He ends up investigating suspicious activity at a local chemical plant, alongside fellow reporter Jani Eisenberg. Sam must prove that the plant is doing something illegal, and prevent Jani from dying along the way.

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Quantum Leap – Hurricane [4.3]

Sam leaps into Archie Necaise, a Mississippi sheriff working with his girlfriend Cissy (a Red Cross nurse) trying to help people evacuate in the face of the onset of the devastating Hurricane Camille. Sam must prevent Cissy’s death in the storm, while also helping others in his role as sheriff. Eventually, Sam and Al realize that Cissy was not killed by the storm but by Archie’s jealous ex-girlfriend, desperate to win Archie back. Sam is able to save Cissy and also help spur her on to doing the work to become a psychotherapist.

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Quantum Leap – Glitter Rock [3.17]

Sam leaps into Geoffrey “Tonic” Mole, the lead singer of a 1970’s hard rock band, who is fated to be murdered by an unknown assailant in a couple of days. Al has several competing theories about the guilty party. A suspicious fan turns out to be Tonic’s illegitimate son, and a conflict with a bandmate winds up being a red herring. The real culprit is revealed to be the band’s producer, Dwayne, who was worried about being caught embezzling the band’s money. Before he leaps, Sam helps Tonic establish a new relationship with his son, and help kick off his son’s own musical career.

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Quantum Leap – Southern Comforts [3.16]

Sam leaps into the owner of a brothel in New Orleans, Gilbert Labonte, in 1961. He learns that one of his girls, Gina, is pregnant and has run away from her abusive husband. Finding that he is powerless to do anything about the situation legally, Sam is eventually able to manufacture false but compromising evidence against the husband in order to drive him away from Gina. At the same time, Gina learns to stand up for herself.

Written by Tommy Thompson. Directed by Chris Ruppenthal

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Quantum Leap – The Boogieman [3.5]

Sam leaps into horror novelist Joshua Rey, and finds himself frustratingly unable to prevent a series of mysterious deaths from happening around his home on Halloween in 1964. Sam becomes convinced that there is a murderer at work, with evidence pointing to his fiancee, who also displays psychic abilities. In the end the culprit is revealed to be Al, who has been replaced by an imposter. Sam faces his enemy, who insinuates that he is the devil. In the end, returns to near the start of his leap, with the whole experience seeming to have been a nightmare–except that it contained accurate knowledge about the future. This time, Sam is able to prevent the firsts of the deaths, completing the leap.

Written by Chris Ruppenthal . Directed by Joe Napolitano

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Quantum Leap – One Strobe Over the Line [3.4]

Sam leaps into high profile fashion photographer Karl Granson. One of the fashion models. He learns that one of the fashion models, Edie, is fated to die of a drug overdose in a couple of days. She is being pressured by her agent, Helen Le Baron, to use the drugs as a means of coping with the grueling demands of modeling. Sam helps Edie to detox from the drugs, but she is almost killed when Helen gives her the drugs secretly. In the end, Sam is able to save her life.

Written by Chris Ruppenthal. Directed by Michael Zinberg

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Quantum Leap – Freedom [2.16]

Sam faces blatant racism again, this time as a young Native American named George Washakie, who is in jail for theft with his dying grandfather.  They break out with the intention of returning to their native land, so that the grandfather can live out his final days there.  Sam must contend with both his prejudiced lawmen as well as his own desire to seek medical care to prolong his grandfather’s life in order to fulfill his wishes.

Written by Chris Ruppenthal . Directed by Alan J. Levi

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Quantum Leap – Animal Frat [2.12]

Sam leaps into a college party-loving frat boy named Knut “Wild Thing” Wileton, shortly before some of his anti-war classmates get in trouble for going too far with their protests.  Sam must overcome prejudices against him from one in particular, an attractive girl named Elisabeth, in order to convince her that her actions are misguided.

Written by Chris Ruppenthal. Directed by Gilbert Shilton

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