Captain Strong Vol. X – Outtakes

Now that Captain Strong’s 50th Episode is out, here are some outtakes from the latest Volume of stories, featuring most of the cast in those wacky, goofy, zany, off-the-wall behind-the-scenes antics that make performing so much fun.  Special note must be given to Melissa playing Captain McSalty.

Waaaait a minute… (Superboy #89, continuity, and storytelling)

I’ve been reading through my Legion of Super-Heroes archives with my children lately, which has been a lot of fun, and given me the chance to relive a lot of familiar story moments through their eyes.  It’s also meant I’ve realized the my previous re-readings were a bit glib at times, glossing over some of the details.  Reading them out loud to my kids has meant I’ve caught every word…

For example, when I was re-reading Superboy #89, which is the debut story of Mon-El, I couldn’t help notice an inconsistency I’ve never picked up on before.  Continue reading Waaaait a minute… (Superboy #89, continuity, and storytelling)

Captain Strong, Episode 48

Also known as Episode Three of Volume 10.  This episode was originally designed to only feature two actors, myself and Matt.  It was done in such a way that neither of us ever had two lines in a row, even when that required some writing acrobatics.  So as Matt told me, I treated it as much like a game as I did a story. Continue reading Captain Strong, Episode 48

The Big 4-7!

My birthday is coming up, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not 47 years old, not yet. 47 is kind of a big deal for me, as well as for a big group of my friends, for reasons that are kind of long and boring.  The short account is that there is a bit of a numerical phenomenon that’s been observed around the number 47 Continue reading The Big 4-7!

Captain Strong – the First 50 Episodes!

Back in 1993, I wrote the first six episodes of The Adventures of Captain Strong.  The following year, they were recorded.  Subsequent volumes of the series were recorded in ’95, ’96, ’97, ’99, ’01, and ’02, bringing us up to 39 episodes.  Then we had a bit of a gap, until 2008, when we did Volume IX, taking the series up to 45 installments.  And that’s where it’s sat since then.

Until now!  Continue reading Captain Strong – the First 50 Episodes!