Red Dwarf–the Doctor Who connections

Apropos of nothing, I’ve been looking from time to time at what connections to Doctor Who can be found in other popular TV shows. As I mentioned recently, there is a lot of obvious overlap between the fandoms of Doctor Who and that of Red Dwarf. At least, I assume as much given that they are both British and science fiction TV.

(Daily Doctor Who #148)

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An Adventure in Space and Time (Doctor Who)

Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary continues with An Adventure in Space and Time, which I got around to watching last night.  If you are not familiar, this is a feature length film about the early days of Doctor Who.  Written by Doctor Who and Sherlock writer & actor Mark Gatiss, the film tells the story of a number of the key personalities who were responsible for breathing life into the series back in 1963.  Primarily, the focus is on Verity Lambert, the program’s original producer, and William Hartnell, who created the role of the Doctor back in 1963.  Also featuring heavily are Sydney Newman, who was the original visionary behind the show, and Waris Hussein, who directed several of the early serials, including the first one.  But it’s Hartnell and Lambert who really carry the lion’s share of the story. Continue reading An Adventure in Space and Time (Doctor Who)