49th Year Bucket List: Reviewed

So last year, for my birthday, I wrote a list of things to do in the year–not a true Bucket List but simply a list of things to do before I turned 49.  We’re now a bit beyond the next birthday–I’ve been busy so this is late–but it’s time to look back and see how I went: Continue reading 49th Year Bucket List: Reviewed

49th Year Bucket List

So, point of clarification:  I’m 48 years old currently, having just celebrated my birthday yesterday.  I’m not 49, but that this year is actually my 49th year of living.  When I celebrate my 49th birthday, that means I’m completing my 49th year, not starting it.

And I know, it’s not really a “bucket list” if the deadline isn’t the end of your life…when you “kick the bucket”.  Indeed, maybe it’d be better to call this a “49th Year To-Do List”.  But that’s catchy sounding, don’t you think?

So this is a list of things I’m hoping to have achieved by the time that me being able to say “I’m 48 years old” is cold and buried in the ground.  What do I want to have achieved / completed / accomplished by then?  That’s what we’re looking at here. Continue reading 49th Year Bucket List