Quantum Leap – Raped [4.6]

Sam leaps into Katie McBain, as she is in the hospital dealing with the aftermath of being raped. Katie’s assailant was a popular and well-regarded young man that Katie had been on a date with, Kevin Wentworth. Sam believes he is there to help Katie bring charges against Kevin, something he is able to do after being able to convince the reluctant District Attorney. When Sam failes to leap, he realizes he will have to testify as Katie, something he feels unable to do. Al figures out a way for Katie and Sam to see and hear each other, so that Sam can become a proxy for Katie to testify. When Kevin is exonerated anyway, Sam wonders what he he was actually there to do…until Kevin shows up at night and tries to attack Katie again, and Sam is able to beat him to an inch of his life.

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Quantum Leap – Permanent Wave [4.5]

Sam leaps into Frank Bianca, a popular hairdresser in 1980’s Beverly Hills. When Frank’s girlfriend’s son Kyle witnesses a drug-related murder, Sam finds himself trying to convince the boy’s mother, Laura, that they have to go to the police. Laura refuses, especially since Kyle’s father was actually killed in retaliation for testifying against another murderer. Nonetheless, Laura and Kyle are fated to be killed over the incident. Sam and Al eventually realize that the police officer Sam has been relating to is the actual murderer, before discovering that one of Frank’s co-workers, a woman named Chloe, is the real force behind the criminal activity. The situation is bleak but Sam and Laura are able to stop Chloe. Frank and Laura get engaged as Sam leaps.

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Quantum Leap – A Hunting We Will Go [3.18]

Sam leaps into Gordon O’Reilly, a bounty hunter bringing a fugitive named Diane Frost to “justice”. Sam wrestles with whether Diane is actually innocent even as he struggles to prevent her escaping. All this is complicated by the fact that the two are becoming attracted to each other…except it might just be an act Diane is putting on to help her get away. In the end, Sam saves Diane’s life from her former boss and a corrupt police officer, and Diane goes on to a career as a bounty hunter herself.

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Quantum Leap – The Great Spontini [3.8]

Sam leaps into magician Harry Spontini, who travels with his young daughter Jamie performing in night clubs and the like. Harry’s ex-wife Maggie shows up pursuing custody of Jamie, spurred on by her new fiance, a divorce lawyer named Steve Slater. Sam seeks to save Jamie, who will eventually run away because of this situation and end up living on the streets. In order to get the money for a permanent home and to avoid losing custody, Sam has to look at doing a potentially fatal trick–a trick which nearly kills Jamie in the revised history. Sam is convinced that he is there not only to save Jamie, but to reunite Harry’s family, which he eventually accomplishes.

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