Comic-Con Comic Countdown

So while hanging out in New York over the last little while, my two younger daughters and I got down to Big Apple Con, which was a lot of fun. I wrote about it here.

As is usual for an event like this, I bought a bunch of comics which I have since spent time reading. Here is some commentary on all of it, presented as a countdown. From least to most, how much have I enjoyed everything that I read?

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Batman and Robin (1949) – Old Superhero Movies & TV, but not necessarily the good stuff

I’ve been on a bit of an old superhero TV / movie binge lately. And in doing so, I’ve been a bit of a sucker for punishment. After writing about the 1943 serial Batman here, I pushed on and watched the sequel–Batman and Robin, a 15 episode serial from Columbia Pictures, released in 1949. The serial features Robert Lowery as Batman and Johnny Duncan as Robin.

Spoilers ahead!

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2022 – Things to Look Forward To

Happy New Year!

Life is about faith, hope, love, and all the things that spring from that, like relationships and purpose and peace and joy. However, my blog tends to be more about things that I just think are fun or quirky or interesting. So with that in mind here are some things I’m looking forward to, especially movies & TV shows and the like, in 2022…

And just to be clever like that, here are twenty-two things that we are anticipating seeing in 2022, ranked roughly in ascending order of my interest.

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Doctor Who Invades the Multiverse: Lego Batman Movie

Continuing our posts where Doctor Who has managed to sneak its way into other fictional properties, either as a TV show in those worlds, or with concepts from the show existing as real things in those realities, we come to The Lego Batman Movie, a 2017 spin-off of sorts of the unexpectedly great Lego Movie featuring the voice of Will Arnett as Batman.

(Daily Doctor Who #193)

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Ranking the Theatrical Batman Movies

Not long ago, I participated in a little online vote on a blog that I follow, ScreenAge Wasteland.  The idea was to rank the eleven theatrical Batman “solo” movies, and make a short comment to justify our rankings.  Then, points were assigned and collated, and a definitive list was created.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises

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(Alternate) Box Office Blockbuster Tourney – Odd Numbered Conference Round One

Experiencing some déjà vu?  It’s because if you follow this blog regularly, this post will look very familiar.

It’s because as I explained at the championship to our recent Box Office Blockbuster Tourney, it was drawn to my attention that all my judges in that competition were men, and someone said they’d be interested in seeing how things would have turned out if the voters were women instead. So now I’m running this Alternate Box Office Blockbuster Tourney.

Hunger Games Catching Fire.jpg

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Box-Office Blockbuster Tourney – Round Final!

So as explained before, we are now concluding a seeded tournament-style elimination game amongst each of the US domestic box office champion movies from the last 32 years.  Seeding was done via Rotten Tomatoes scores, with ties broken with Metacritic scores.  Three of our six judges have voted on each match-up of two films, with the winner advancing to the next round and the loser skulking off into obscurity, until we have arrived at today, where we will pick our overall Champion!


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