Frozen in the Park Last Night

So, apparently a pleasantly cool Summer evening + a Friday night before Christmas + school holidays + a new computer animated children’s movie (in Australia anyway) = a really crowded night at the open-air screening of Frozen in the city park last night.  So even though it was being projected on a big screen, we were so far away that it was roughly the equivalent of watching a 34 cm TV sitting at about 3 metres away (estimating, of course). Continue reading Frozen in the Park Last Night

Superman / Batman: Public Enemies

I just watched the original DC Comics animated movie Public Enemies – renting it off of iTunes for some light entertainment as I was traveling.  It’s based on the comic arc of the same name by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, and made the opening storyline of what was then the new Superman / Batman ongoing title at the time.  Overall, I guess I enjoyed it in a stupid cartoon superhero sort of way, which I guess makes sense since that’s what it was.  There are some big flaws, which is similar to the comic it’s based on. Continue reading Superman / Batman: Public Enemies