Quantum Leap – A Hunting We Will Go [3.18]

Sam leaps into Gordon O’Reilly, a bounty hunter bringing a fugitive named Diane Frost to “justice”. Sam wrestles with whether Diane is actually innocent even as he struggles to prevent her escaping. All this is complicated by the fact that the two are becoming attracted to each other…except it might just be an act Diane is putting on to help her get away. In the end, Sam saves Diane’s life from her former boss and a corrupt police officer, and Diane goes on to a career as a bounty hunter herself.

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Quantum Leap – Glitter Rock [3.17]

Sam leaps into Geoffrey “Tonic” Mole, the lead singer of a 1970’s hard rock band, who is fated to be murdered by an unknown assailant in a couple of days. Al has several competing theories about the guilty party. A suspicious fan turns out to be Tonic’s illegitimate son, and a conflict with a bandmate winds up being a red herring. The real culprit is revealed to be the band’s producer, Dwayne, who was worried about being caught embezzling the band’s money. Before he leaps, Sam helps Tonic establish a new relationship with his son, and help kick off his son’s own musical career.

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Quantum Leap – So Help Me God [2.9]

Sam leaps into young lawyer Leonard Dancey in the 1950’s, and makes the decision to defy convention by defending a black woman on trial for murdering the son of the leading citizen of a small southern town.  Sam must overcome prejudice from all sides and his defendant’s own unwillingness to speak to find out what really happened, and save his client from the electric chair.

Written by Deborah Pratt. Directed by Andy Cadiff.

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