The Magnificent Ambersons [50 Films Older Than Me #19]

Over six months ago, it was my birthday! And to add to all the real life goals and challenges that that brings, I’ve created at least one as it relates to movies and this blog–watch a film I’ve never seen before which came out in each year of the fifty years before I was born, and then write a bit about it.  This is Post #19. So, that’s 19 movies out of 50 in somewhat over 50% of the year, which just goes to show how far behind I am with all this.

Spoilers ahead.  

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47 Great Movie Moments #30 – Citizen Kane

Continuing with this series of 47 moments in film that I love (Why 47?), today, for #30, we look at Citizen Kane. I know it’s sort of cinematic sacrilege to talk about War of the Worlds in one breath, and Citizen Kane in the next, but that’s what just the way we role here.

Citizen Kane (1941)

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Citizen Kane vs. Speed Racer

To a certain degree, the movies Citizen Kane (1941) and Speed Racer (2008) sit on the opposite ends of some sort of spectrum for me.  One is a movie I acknowledge as one of the greatest movies ever made, but which I don’t particularly enjoy watching.  The other one is the film that I’ve described as “the worst movie that I ever thoroughly enjoyed”.  Guess which is which?  And which one shall I actually write about in this post? Continue reading Citizen Kane vs. Speed Racer