Not Meaningless After All? (Musing on my Movies)

Recently, I had a minor epiphany about myself and some of the films I’ve made over the years.

A question I’ve pondered from time to time regarding the whole activity of film making and story telling is how much do you focus on “message”–that is, the underlying meaning behind the plot and characters on the screen–as opposed to “story”.  Naturally, there is no reason a film can’t be strong in both, but what should be my focus, especially in the writing and development stage?

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Cheeseburgers & A Movie About Itself

So…A Movie About Itself is taking a little longer than I thought.  If you’d asked me this time last year, I’d have said for sure the movie will be finished by now.  But after I got done with the principle shooting last year, I got tired and I got busy (and I also got a little scared that the project was  to self-indulgent for anyone else to care, and also a complete waste of time.)  But lately, I’ve gotten back into the game and we’re pushing forward on all the pick-up shots and extra bits that need to happen, and hopefully it’ll be finished before too much time has past.  Soon soon soon.

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A Movie About Itself – Trailer

Publicity Shot

So this is a quick glimpse at my latest Blue Towel project.  It’s a bit of an experiment, albeit an experiment I’ve had in mind for many years.  We’re probably about halfway through shooting (or nearly so) – hopefully we’ll be able to knock the rest of it off in May and June, when I return from my current trip. Continue reading A Movie About Itself – Trailer