Waaaait a minute… (Superboy #89, continuity, and storytelling)

I’ve been reading through my Legion of Super-Heroes archives with my children lately, which has been a lot of fun, and given me the chance to relive a lot of familiar story moments through their eyes.  It’s also meant I’ve realized the my previous re-readings were a bit glib at times, glossing over some of the details.  Reading them out loud to my kids has meant I’ve caught every word…

For example, when I was re-reading Superboy #89, which is the debut story of Mon-El, I couldn’t help notice an inconsistency I’ve never picked up on before.  Continue reading Waaaait a minute… (Superboy #89, continuity, and storytelling)

Five Minutes That Changed My Life

OK, this latest project is a bit derivative, but still I enjoy it.  It’s called Five Minutes That Changed My Life and it’s actually an alternative edit of 4.4 Minutes, the bonus episode of 24 Minutes.

I like the 4.4 Minutes quite a bit, and because it’s shorter, there are occasions where I’ve wanted to show the film without having to expose people to the entire series.  So somewhere along the way I had the idea of creating an alternate edit of the film that would stand on its own, without being dependent on the bigger series to make sense.  To do this, I had to use a bit of footage from 24 Minutes Episode One, and to some particular work to the beginning and the end create a new framework for the story.

The idea is not for this film to be a replacement for 4.4 Minutes, but rather just an alternative.

Nathan and Hannah, the stars of this project, left Perth for distant lands a few months ago, so it’s a bit bittersweet to have just finished putting this together.  Thanks to them for all the photographs.


24 Minutes Bonus Episode

4.4 Minutes – my first piece of “bonus material” that has it’s own bonus material, is finally up on this site.  Just follow the click on Films>24 Minutes>4.4 Minutes (bonus episode) up above.  I’d been holding off on posting it online as I’d wanted to wait for the 24 Minutes DVD to be ready, but as that’s taking a while, and we already premiered the episode publicly, I thought there really wasn’t any point any more.

I hope you enjoy it.  I’ve been (slowly) working on an alternate edit of this film that would allow it stand completely on its own, disconnected from 24 Minutes itself.  It’ll be called Five Minutes that Changed my Life and you can expect to see it here eventually.

Writing 24 Minutes

Back in 2004, when I was still a fan of the TV series 24, the idea crossed my mind to make something similar, where each episode would be done in real time, with lots of characters and convoluted storylines, and in which each episode built up to some sort of crazy cliff hanger – but each episode would just be 60 seconds in length.  At the time, I was held back by the fact that I didn’t know how I’d accomplish the split screen effect that seemed key to 24‘s style of storytelling.

Fast forward to 2009 and not only had consumer video editing technology (and my understanding of it) increased to overcome that problem, but also I found I was surrounded by a key group of people who would lock into the project and help to make it a reality.  So while I was leading a team of staff and students on a Media Safari outreach to Kyrgyzstan, I managed to squeeze in time to write the script for what is now known as 24 Minutes.

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