After Extensive Research, the findings are in.  The following responses were typical of those received.  Read on and decide for yourself.

Will Mac Ever Make Their Phones Out of Tofu?

IMG_0467 Name:  Åge

Country:  Norway

Current Phone:  iPhone 3G (after accidentally going swimming with his iPhone 4)

Answer:  What is a tofu?

IMG_0468 Name: Luke

Country: England

Current Phone: Umi X1 (would like an iPhone)

Answer: No, obviously.  Tofu is of the devil.

IMG_0470 Name: Robin

Country: Canada

Current Phone: iPhone 4 (the old school one)

Answer: I’d say no to that question, because it’s just really unlikely that tofu wold be able to stand up to the wear and tear of being tossed around, especially in a woman’s purse.

IMG_0473 Name: Israel

Country: Ethiopia

Current Phone: a very old Nokia

Answer: I don’t think they can make the phone out of foods, because food will be very expensive in the near future.  With the population increasing and climate change, food will become very valuable.

IMG_0475 Name: Kiara

Country: Australia

Current Phone: iPhone 4

Answer: No, that’s ridiculous.  I don’t need my phone to be edible.

IMG_0494 Name: Bek

Country: Philippines

Current Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3

Answer:  No, because I don’t think their level of innovation is up to that standard.


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