Two film makers, on a journey to find the best locations for their next project…

Two friends, on a journey through life…

Will they overcome the barriers that stand in their way?

Production Notes:

This film is loosely based on a real conversation.  Jason and I were location scouting in Kyrgyzstan for a project that was shot back in 2009, and were having a fun time doing it, coming with as much ludicrous film-related conversation that we could think of, including what became the title of this film.  We quickly wrote a script, without really knowing who was going to play who (although we assumed it was going to be the opposite of what eventually became the case).

And even though we were excited about this, it wasn’t until Jason and I were together again in Indonesia in 2012, that the film was finally produced.  On days off from the film that we were actually there to make, Jason and I rewrote the script, rehearsed extensively, ended up swapping characters that we were playing, and shot the film.

The audio was a bit of a mess because it was recorded with a microphone that Jason was actually carrying during the shoot.  The color correction was also a bit sloppy simply because I’m not very good at it.  But eventually I was able to complete the edit, to create the film that we have here.

The dialog and jokes in this film make many direct references to various film-student-level knowledge of movies, directors, script writing, and so on, which makes this project sort of incomprehensible to many.  At some point, I’ll get around to explaining it all for anyone interested.


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